How many people can fit under a Sol Shade?

Depending on the size of the Sol Shade you purchase it can comfortably fit 1 to 6 adults plus a few kids. We have sized the Original Sol Shade to fit up to 4 adults and the X-Large to fit up to 6 adults.

Are Sol Shades really windproof?

You bet they are! Our Sol Shades are designed to work with the wind and not fight against it like traditional sun umbrellas or beach tents that cause them to lift off and fly away. The simple design allows the air to flow under and through the shade while the stretchy design allows it to move and flow if there is a strong gust.

How do I set up my Sol Shade?

You can easily set up your Sol Shade in 3 simple steps:

Step 1 - Find a spot. Lay out your Sol Shade with the sand bags pulled out to each corner and the opening facing the wind.

Step 2 - Fill the sand bags and then pull out each corner so the shade makes an X on the ground. Ensure that its pulled tight.

Step 3 - Put the poles together and then place them under each of the front corners with the foam ball upwards.

You may find that once the poles are put up you need to adjust them or the sand bags a little. If you find that the poles aren't very stable or falling over it's likley due to the shade material not being tight enough so tug the sand bags out a little further and if needed add some more sand. Remember that Sol Shades are designed to stretch to be set up correctly.

My Sol Shade isn't very stable, what am I doing wrong?

If you find that your Sol Shade is falling over or moving around alot it will likely be because the shade has not been stretched out enough. It's an easy fix so you'll need to pull the sand bags out further to get the tension right. Add some more sand to ensure there is enough weight to properly anchor it down.

Where can I buy a Sol Shade?

Sol Shades are available online only. We ship from our base in Red Beach, NZ.