About Us

Sol Shades - The Ultimate Sunshade

Born in Raglan, now based in Red Beach, Auckland.  Sol Shades mission is to help kiwis maximise their summer outdoor activities without getting punished by sun.

"You can't beat a NZ summer" a saying chucked around by every Kiwi outdoor frother through the long sunny days of the summer months... And they aren't wrong.  But what can really take the shine off your big beach day is the shine of your red skin looking like a lobster at the end of the day.  To add insult to injury, old mate will be sure to make you know about it as well "wow you're burnt".

Don't give them the satisfaction.

Sol Shades The Most Versatile Sun Shelter Yet. 

Designed using lightweight yet durable UPF50+ material and Aluminium poles, Sol Shade is super compact and easy to transport. Set up is a breeze and can be done by one person in a couple of minutes. Built using stretch technology & high strength double stitching, Sol Shades will stand up to those random summer wind changes that has others chasing umbrellas down the beach.

Enjoy this summers beach days in shaded comfort with the family and friends under a Sol Shade.